Awesome Lego Creations

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by Nate

I would spend hours and hours as a kid playing with Legos.  I was not artistic in the least bit, but I used to love to build spaceships and cars.  Thousands of hours of my childhood were spent dreaming of moon stations, boats, and X-Wing fighters being created by my hands.  Well, after seeing what people have done the last few years with Legos, I was a rank amateur at best.  Using Google image search, you can find some really cool images of Lego creations today.  My favorites here are DC, the skyscrapers, the cars, the palace, and the guy looking in the mirror.  Which ones do you like?

airplane amazing-lego-creations-17 car car2 Lego Ford Explorer church Computer DC dragon dude-on-a-bench Engine han_lego hulk Incredible-LEGO-Art-by-Nathan-Sawaya-reflection lego13 lego-go-kart-infoniac MF MtRushmore palace Santa sea-serpent skyscraper stadium1 stadium2 Stadium3 table


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