Selena Gomez ‘Spring Breakers’ promotional posters

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Well, even if the movie wasn’t done by the same person that created the movie “kids” I would still find a strange desire to see this film… Maybe it has something to do with the newly released promotional pictures of Selena Gomez:

bikini selena gomez  selena_gomez_bikini_spring_breakers_promo_2

bikini selena gomez  selena_gomez_bikini_spring_breakers_promo_3

bikini selena gomez  selena_gomez_bikini_spring_breakers_promo_4

bikini selena gomez  selena_gomez_bikini_spring_breakers_promo_6

bikini selena gomez  selena_gomez_bikini_spring_breakers_promo_7

bikini selena gomez  selena_gomez_bikini_spring_breakers_promo_8

bikini selena gomez  selena_gomez_bikini_spring_breakers_promo_9

bikini selena gomez  selena_gomez_bikini_spring_breakers_promo_11

bikini selena gomez  selena_gomez_bikini_spring_breakers_promo_12

bikini selena gomez  selena_gomez_bikini_spring_breakers_promo_13

The actual posters:

	The new poster for "Spring Breakers" featuring a stunning Selena Gomez.


selena gomez bikini spring breakers poster 04

selena gomez bikini spring breakers poster 03

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