Breaking Bad Terrarium TV Miniature: The Heisenberg

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For many years people would simply have to create completely worthless items and hope that some fellow lunatic would stumble upon it at a swap meet, but that all changed with the creation of Etsy.  Now people can create worthless items and try to sell them for $225.  Your shining example is this one-of-a-kind Breaking Bad Miniature Terrarium.  No, I am not kidding…  Check it out yourself:





This terrarium is an 11″ tall ecosystem showing a Hand Sculpted and hand painted miniature interpretation of the well known opening sequence of this fantastic TV shows first season. Lining the bottom of this open terrarium are pieces of blue sea glass, closely resembling the blue crystals “Heisenberg” cooks. Alongside the crashed meth lab is the tiniest depiction of Mr. White you may ever see, handmade at about 1/4″ tall, glasses tighty whities and all. The RV is a whopping 1/2″ long, hand sculpted and painted. The desert scene is a slight DIY project, with lichen, a petrified mushroom, stones, a tiny tree and reindeer moss to create a great little sustainable ecosystem that you can keep anywhere in your home or office. With easy care instructions, anyone care care for these tiny worlds, from the most experienced botanist to those with a brown thumb.

For those who want a terrarium, and REALLY don’t want to invest much time at all in care, this is the one for you. The moss and lichen used prefer less water than other types of moss.

The terrarium comes with the dirt and sea glass set and packed, DIY includes:
reindeer moss
A petrified mushroom
small tree

You can place as photographed or place to create your own interpretation! The dirt is a succulent and cactus friendly soil, with easy draining so if you want to add succulents then do! A great little DIY with many possibilities and tons of drama.



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