Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

Thanks to Buzzfeed for these Heavy Metal Tattoos

1. Kiss, California Raisins-style

enhanced buzz 23113 1364920842 10 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

Weirdest mashup ever.

2. Black Sabbath

enhanced buzz 23164 1364920925 2 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

Kind of makes you wonder what a “Black Shabbat” tattoo would look like, huh?

3. Unintentionally-zombified Dimebag Darrell

enhanced buzz 31806 1364922425 14 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

It’s kind of a metal tradition to get a tattoo of the late Pantera guitarist, they just usually tend to resemble what he looked like while alive a little bit more.

4. Backwards ‘s’ Slayer mess

enhanced buzz 32050 1364923041 11 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

This looks like a seventh grader’s binder.

5. Toothless Axl Rose

enhanced buzz 22710 1364923305 16 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

Or duckface Axl Rose? Your call, I guess.

6. 50 shades of Slipknot

enhanced buzz 23164 1364923392 11 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

Is the bottom one even supposed to be one of the bandmates, or…?


7. Ozzy on the can

enhanced buzz 31824 1364923499 7 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

With a smiley on his leg!



enhanced buzz 23158 1364925382 14 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

Kind of really appreciate this as a life philosophy.

9. Metalcore unicorn

enhanced buzz 11349 1364925417 0 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

If Lisa Frank was into Iron Maiden.

10. Metallica poop snake

enhanced buzz 11386 1364928130 8 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

Both Metallica and this person really should have considered that this album artwork strongly resembles a cartoon depiction of dog doo before committing to it.

11. Municipal Waste

enhanced buzz 9677 1364928394 6 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

“Hi, Mr. Kessler, nice to meet you. I’m here to pick up Lisa. Wait, what do you mean she’s not home right now?”

12. Pig Destroyer/Slayer butt hybrid

enhanced buzz 19362 1364929330 1 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

This is a Slayer tattoo based on a Pig Destroyer song, which makes it metal within metal. Or should I just say META-L?

13. Pained Lemmy

enhanced buzz 19343 1364929561 3 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

This tattoo looks like it’s seen some gnarly shit in its day, just like Lemmy himself.

14. Nipple crucifixion Marilyn Manson

enhanced buzz 7801 1364929921 0 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

I like that a nipple ring is acting as one of Jesus’ nails. No, wait, “like” is the wrong word, this is horrifying on all levels.

15. Savatage

enhanced buzz 9989 1364930955 2 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

This tribute to “Hall of the Mountain King” (which is an insane video that you should really YouTube if you’re not familiar–it’s classic weirdo druid metal), like the Slayer logo above, looks like it was plucked whole from a middle school sketchbook.

16. Mt. Judas Priestmore

enhanced buzz 10028 1364932881 13 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos



enhanced buzz 32231 1364920789 10 Insane Heavy Metal Tattoos

This man’s back is a compendium of everything good in this world. Respect.


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