The Nerdiest Wedding Rings

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Are you and your love fans of the nerd culture? Than we have the perfect wedding rings for you!


1. R2-D2
Say “Marry Me” with this custom-made ring featuring everyone’s favorite droid.
Image: Paul Michael Design
2. Batman
You’re the hero Gotham deserves, and you deserve a wedding band as badass as you are.
Image: AmazonBone%2520rings

3. Bone Rings
Because metal just isn’t personal enough, wear a bone ring grown from your other half’s cells … ’cause there’s nothing creepy about that at all.
Image: BioJewelleryCat%25205

4. Cat5 Rings
Who needs to hold hands? Just link rings and upload your affection to one another via this Cat5 ring.
Image: EtsyDecoder%2520ring

5. Decoder Ring
Perfect for encrypting those secret love letters from your sweetie, try BoingBoing’s Cory Doctrow’s decoder ring.
Image: BoingBoingDna%2520multiple

6. DNA Rings
Because your love is wired into your very genetic code.
Image: K. Brunini JewelsHello%2520kitty

7. Hello Kitty
Fangirls will love this heart-shaped diamond engagement ring from the beloved brand.
Image: global.rakuten.comLord%2520of%2520the%2520rings

8. Lord of the Rings
Takes “One ring to rule them all and in the darkness bind them” to a whole new level.
Image: griffinsland.comProjector

9. Projector Ring
Wear a mini-projector on your finger to constantly carry your favorite memories with you.
Image: LukeJerram.comSpider%2520man

10. Spiderman
Your Mary Jane will adore this Spidey-inspired engagement ring.
Image: CustomMade.comStargate

11. Stargate
This ring, based on the popular science fiction franchise, even has spinning chevrons.
Image: WeddingBandDesigns.comTriforce%2520triforce

12. Zelda Triforce
The Zelda Triforce is so simple to weave into a jewelry design that there are multiple versions of this geeky ring. These are our favorites.
Image: CustomMade.comToq9pcy

13. Han and Leia
We’ll let you two fight over who gets to wear the “I know” half of this pair of rings, featuring some of the most famous lines in the Star Wars series.
Image: ImgurtimmanbPmlsznc

14. Whisper
A visual representation of the sound waves of your spouse’s whisper: “I love you.”
Image: Imgur,Jupiter QueenKovmhc6

15. Dungeons and Dragons
Dungeons and Dragons: bringing geeky couples together since 1974.
Image: Imguribi828Qlwanm6

16. Decepticon
This Decepticon ring hides in plain sight. How fitting.
Image: ibi828Wnoa8eu

17. Tardis
That diamond is a lot bigger on the inside.
Image: Imguribi828Atqnuwf

18. Darth Vader
This ring, inspired by everyone’s favorite fallen Jedi, features both his lightsaber and chest plate.
Image: Imguribi828F6wlzwo

19. Microchip
You know, like the microchip you got for your dog to keep it from getting lost … except this one is for your wife.
Image: Imguribi828Itrqqmx

20. Playstation
For the ultimate gamer girl.
Image: Imguribi828T6j0tdn

21. Lego
For the couple who just fits together so well.
Image: Imguribi828
22. Superman
A ring of mixed rose and white gold for fans of the Man of Steel.
Image: Imguribi828

23. Indiana Jones
Your love’s the adventure of a lifetime. She’s your golden idol. There’s a wealth of analogies we can make here.
Image: Imguribi828

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