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HaoWin Dog Barrier for SUV Car Vehicles Keeps Dog in Back Seat or Trunk Cargo

HaoWin Dog Barrier for SUV Car Vehicles Keeps Dog in Back Seat or Trunk Cargo

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KEEP YOUR DOG IN BACK SEAT OR TRUNK CARGO AREA OF ANY VEHICLE - Consists of 5 flexibly combined-able steel mesh panels, this dog car barrier can be applied on front seat, back seat and even mid-row of 2 seats, leaving not a single gap to prevent dogs from working their way into the driving area. It fits for all models of car, sedan, van, SUV and hatchback, no matter small or large vehicle, including LEXUS, VOLVO, SUBARU, AUDI, HONDA, TOYOTA, Jeep, LINCOLN, Ford, Cadillac, Porsche, BMW etc

STABLE AND FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION - We provide sufficient cable ties for connecting the 5 panels together, so you could use as many cable ties as possible to secure the panels, and freely rotate the panels to be right angle as per your vehicles interior shape, thus not leaving any space for your dog to squeeze though. Then use the strong lashing straps to fasten the panels to the extension rods of headrests tightly, the whole dog barrier will stay in place firmly then.

STRONG MESH & SMOOTH SURFACE- Made of high quality strong steel wires (frame thick 1/4, mesh thick 1/8), it is solid enough that will not be chewed or attacked to be broken by your dogs. The polished smooth surface protects the seats from being scratched by steel wire.

WEAK POINTS OF OTHER SIMILAR PRODUCTS IN MARKET - 1) 3 panels only that too small for large vehicle or too big for small vehicle; 2) Panels are connected by plastic buckles which are easy- broken and can not be rotated as per vehicles interior shape; 3) Can not be used on front seat, mid or back seat of 2 seats only.
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