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Southern Squadron #1 Hold on to your Entrails The Dark Nebula - Kickstarter

Southern Squadron #1 Hold on to your Entrails The Dark Nebula - Kickstarter

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What is 'Southern Squadron DARK?

Editor Blare Wentworth sets the scene:

Southern Squadron Dark #1 (the first of a two-part mini-series) is one of the most visually exciting books I have ever seen featuring the characters of the Southern Squadron. Conceived during the early COVID lock-down, Southern Squadron Dark is the love child of the teams creator Dave de Vries and that master of fantasy horror and mystical superheroes the one and only, Beaumont Jardine.

Bo and Dave met each other only a couple of years after the Squadron first appeared in print, when OZ comics morphed into the mean and nasty shock horror comic Phantastique (which was lovingly banned in over half the country). Recruited to conjure up some comic nasties that straddled the superhero and fantasy/horror genres, they became regulars within the title and, over the years, close friends.

When Bo first came to Dave, back in 2020 with a dream of reinterpreting the team with a nasty, darker (dare I say, more Phantastique-like) side, Dave was ecstatic. Even more so when he found that Bo was pairing them off with a bunch of characters which homage just about every Aussie comicbook star to grace the Bronze Age newsstands. Thats right, this series is simply chock full of easter eggs. Whether its the song lyrics or the homage characters, every page is loaded with delights. (Theres even a wee homage to yours truly.) And best of all, theres more coming in Issue Two. Stay sweet my darlings. And enjoy!

Blaire Wentworth

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